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Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY Home Owners Need - Best Carpet Cleaners Around!

You may not notice how dirty your carpets have become in your Rochester area homes when you look at them day after day. With all of the wear and tear they receive, carpets tend to become very dingy and dirty over time. Without a doubt, if they are not regularly deep-cleaned, carpets will become dirty and stained. This is true even if you vacuum them and use carpet stain removers and shampoos regularly. The fact is that nothing compares to the deep cleaning you get from a professional Rochester, NY carpet cleaning service like Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration. Regular professional cleaning will help to keep the carpet looking great in your Rochester, NY home.

Rochester, NY Carpet Cleaning Service – On Time and On Budget

Here at Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration we offer:

  • Premier carpet cleaning services for business and residential floors
  • Business owner on hand on every job
  • We are proud of our professional staff members and employees
  • Our customers call us over and over again for routine carpet cleaning services because they trust us and rely on us to do an excellent job
  • You can always contact us by phone to ask about the status of your order as well as ask any other questions you may have about our carpet cleaning and other restorative services
  • We will never leave a job half done, or before you are satisfied with the results. We are committed to 100% client satisfaction on every job that we do.


Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration is a professional carpet cleaning and water damage restoration company that has been serving Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas, including Monroe County, for 20 years. During that time, we have worked hard to become Rochester’s premier carpet cleaning and restoration experts. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and thoroughly clean carpets. When you hire us, we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. We employ state of the art cleaning methods to safely and effectively remove dirt and stains from your carpets. We strive to make your carpets look as brilliant and colorful as they were the day you had them installed. Keeping the carpet clean in your home or business can be huge challenge, especially in houses or businesses with heavy foot traffic and/or pets. However, keeping carpets clean in Rochester can improve only the appearance and longevity of your carpet. Regular cleaning can also benefit the health of the residents or employees with allergies. Finally, thoroughly clean carpets can help to increase the selling value of the home.

A lot of families prefer carpet in a home above any other type of flooring. Because carpet is soft and absorbs sound, many families with young children prefer it to keep their homes quieter and also to keep their children protected from falls. Carpet has the additional benefit of making a home better insulated, so it also stays warmer in the winter. This can be very beneficial in Rochester, NY, where the winters are typically very harsh.  However, in order to keep looking its best and avoid being a respiratory health hazard, carpet needs to be kept clean. Some things like regular vacuuming and the occasional spot cleaning, a family can do themselves. However, carpets also require periodic deep cleaning which should come at the hands of a professional carpet cleaner in Rochester, NY.

Some homeowners prefer to clean carpets themselves, but the results are mediocre at best. The main problem is the fact that a carpet can appear to be clean and still be filled with dirt. In fact, one square foot of carpet is capable of holding nearly a pound of dry dirt without appearing to be dirty at all. That “dry dirt” down in your carpet is made up of contaminants like feces, pet dander, dust mites, road grime, and salt, among other things. In particular, pet dander and dust mites can trigger allergies in family members, making them feel sick and miserable.

Carpets should ideally be deep cleaned at least once per year to keep them looking their best, but more often if you have multiple pets or someone in your home suffers from allergies. This routine maintenance will not only help make your home a more sanitary place, but it will also significantly lengthen the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful longer. Vacuuming regular can help to keep your carpet clean, which will enable it to last longer. There is simply no substitute for the power and performance that a professional Rochester carpet cleaner can offer.

Here are some facts about carpet cleaning to keep in mind:

  • By the time you can actually “see” the dirt on your carpet, you have already started to do damage to your carpet’s fibers.
  • Carpets act as a magnet for contaminates including feces, pet dander, dust mites, salt, dirt, road grime, and much more!
  • Contaminants can be very abrasive and if left unchecked will wear down your carpet and permanently damage the fibers.
  • Regularly cleaning carpets the carpets in your home not only makes your carpet look better but also prolongs its life.
  • Clean carpet creates a sanitary environment in which to live and breathe. It also allows allergy sufferers to breathe easier.

In many ways your carpet is like a really big filter for all or the dirt, dust, allergens, grime, and bacteria that find their way into your home on the bottom of your shoes. Like all filters, your carpet will function best for you when it is clean because then it can trap these unwanted guests within its fibers. However, as time goes by those carpet fibers become full and no longer able to trap as much unseen dust, dirt and germs. Regular deep cleaning of your carpet will remove the dirt that is trapped in the fibers. If you find out that you or a family member suffers from allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory problems, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible. This can go a long way toward alleviating suffering in those people with breathing problems. Keeping the carpet clean is important since it will filter contaminants from the air, which should help you and your family members breathe easier.

Dirty carpets are not just unsightly. That dirt and grime you see is actually very destructive to your carpet. Dirt particles are very abrasive and every time you walk are your carpet, you are grinding this dust into your carpet’s fibers where it can wear them away like sandpaper. This repeated grinding causes carpets to wear out much sooner than it should. Vacuuming can help to a degree, but it is not enough to pull the dirt and other pollutants from your carpet on its own. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of stain complaints are actually not true stains at all, but instead are soiled spots. For example, a lot of sugar-based spills like soft drinks and coffee leave a sugar residue behind. This sticky residue will attract soil from people’s shoes. The area becomes discolored and appears to be a stain. The price of new carpeting and installation continues to rise and it is quite expensive for the most part, depending on the square footage of your home. Don’t allow your carpets to be ruined by improper or insufficient cleaning. Instead, give us a call at Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration in Rochester NY and let us give your carpet a thorough cleaning.

We Also Offer a Complete Green Clean Carpet Cleaning Service

We are pleased to offer a complete green clean carpet cleaning service. More and more of today’s homeowners are conscious of protecting the environment and also of the dangers that can come from exposing their families to potentially harmful chemicals. Jet Dry Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer a plant based pre-spray that is all-natural and eco-friendly.  The spray contains no VOC’s, no Butyls, no Phosphates, and no Hazardous Solvents.  In fact, it exceeds the guidelines for environmentally preferable products. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also brings you the superior  performance you want and expect for your home.  At Jet Dry Carpet Cleaning in Rochester, NY we like this product because it makes our job much easier, and our health-conscious customers are thrilled with its lack of dangerous chemicals. Most importantly, it is suitable for all fibers and meets the carpet manufacturers and CRI criteria for stain resistant carpet care.

Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration has been in business for over 20 years and we are the premier carpet cleaning company in Rochester, NY. If you live in the Rochester, NY area and are looking for a high-quality professional carpet cleaning company, look no further than Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration. No matter how large or how small the job, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction every single time. Our well-trained staff of professional carpet cleaners aims to please. Plus, you will find the owner of the company on hand at every job to make sure you get the carpet cleaning Rochester, NY home owners need. We appreciate and respect the fact that you trust Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration with your carpets inside the sanctity of your home. Our team of professional cleaners is committed to never letting you down. We concentrate on our work at hand and never give you and your carpets less than our best. We strive to always do the best job possible, so our customers tend to use our service again and again. Not only do they hire us to clean their carpets in their homes and businesses, but they also recommend us to their friends and family who are looking for exceptional carpet cleaning service at affordable rates. If live in the Rochester area and you have carpet in your home or business, give our professional carpet cleaning service in Rochester, NY a call and let us deep clean your carpet to help you keep it looking new for years to come. At Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration we will give you a free in-home estimate. After all, every home and its carpet situation are different. Be wary of anyone who just gives you a quote over the phone without seeing your home.