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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

We Offer Expert Smoke and Fire Damage Services in Rochester, NY & Monroe County

If your home or commercial space has been experienced fire and smoke damage in Rochester, NY, you will need expert assistance in order to get things back to normal.

At Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration, our skilled and licensed technicians are standing by in order to help. When you connect with our team today, we’ll be able to recommend the right services, from professional carpet cleaning to water removal and beyond.

We are proud to serve residents of Rochester, NY, Monroe County and nearby areas.

By choosing our affordable and highly-rated services today, you’ll protect your valuable real estate investment. Our technicians know exactly how to restore the beauty, safety and cleanliness of any home or business.

All restoration services companies are not created equal. After all, it takes years of experience in order to master the art and science of effective smoke and fire damage repair in the Rochester, NY area. We have two decades of experience and we know how to perform an array of restoration tasks, including competent and efficient carpet cleaning.

Since we use ultra-modern cleaning processes, we are able to make carpets look brand-new. In addition, you’ll find that we provide superlative customer service. Our clean, well-groomed and polite technicians will always respect you and they will also respect your property and possessions.


Due to our extensive experience and our consistent devotion to customer service (as well as our competitive rates), you’ll find that hiring our company is the key to enjoying a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Our core services include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, water damage repair and air duct cleaning. Choose your preferred service (or a bundle of services) in order to wipe away all traces of smoke and fire damage.

About Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Services

Smoke and fire damage definitely take a toll on the look, feel and cleanliness of homes and offices in Rochester, NY. At our company, we understand these forms of damage and we how to rectify them via high-tech, safe and cost-effective carpet repair. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company whose technicians will work very hard, with painstaking attention to detail, you’ll love what we have to offer.

When you choose our carpet cleaning services today, you’ll be making a smart decision, as we know how to remove stains and odors and we own an extensive array of cleaning machines, implements and solvents.

The end result will be carpets which look as good as they possibly can. Our fire and smoke damage cleaning service will make your home or commercial space a happier, healthier, more attractive place to be…

In order to arrange this service, please reach out to us today. Our representative(s) will visit your home or business, assess the level of fire and smoke damage and then give you a quotation for services.

Our technician(s) will also explain how the carpet cleaning process will work and which processes will be utilized. Our carpet cleaning specialists know which solvents and processes are most effective for specific types of fire and smoke damage, so you’ll be in good hands.

At this point, you may approve the quotation. When you do, you’ll access high-caliber cleaning services for affordable rates.

Even if you don’t have fire and smoke damage, you may arrange for carpet cleaning services via our company. We are able to handle any type of cleaning job, whether it’s large or small, simple or complex…

You should also know that we provide emergency services, so you’ll never need to wait in order to access the assistance that you need. So, please call, email or fax us when fire and smoke damage strikes. We’ll provide speedy services and we’ll do all that we can to minimize interruptions to your normal lifestyle.