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What is Involved in Cleaning Air Ducts?

What is Involved in Cleaning Air Ducts?

Air DuctRecently, we shed a little light on how often you should clean your air ducts in Rochester, NY.  Now we want to give you some insight into what is involved in air duct cleaning.  If you want to ensure that you have clean air in your home and that your furnace and air conditioning are working optimally, it’s important that you consider cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis.  Many people have this done annually but you can do this according to a schedule that works best for your home, depending on the dust and dirt that builds up in your air ducts.  You can try to do this yourself but it’s usually good to hire a professional as they know how to get this done properly and will have the right equipment needed for a thorough and efficient job.

Cleaning Out the Furnace

When you have your air ducts cleaned, this usually also involves cleaning out the furnace, which is often done first.  The face of the furnace is removed and vacuumed out and the coils are also cleaned.  This allows the furnace to work more efficiently and also cuts down on the risk of accidental fire.  Typically a professional carpet cleaning company that also provides superior air duct cleaning will use equipment that is meant to clean the coils and the will also clean the blower unit.  They may also inspect the furnace for any parts that need replacing, and will usually replace the furnace filter.

Registers Cleaned

Your registers are usually removed and cleaned thoroughly, and the area around them is vacuumed to pick up an residual dust and dirt that has built up around the carpet or molding.  A simple vacuum of your registers is not usually sufficient unless the company is using a very high-powered vacuum, and removing the registers allows for a more thorough clean behind the grates.

Cleaning the Ducts

Once these are done, the ducts themselves then get cleaned using a high-powered vacuum that is meant for the air ducts specifically.  This equipment should vent outside the home so that the dust and dirt picked up through this cleaning doesn’t settle in other areas.  This will ensure your home’s cleanliness and allow for better air quality.

The entire process takes around three hours for an average sized home, give or take some time according to the number of registers you have and the amount of dirt and dust found in the vents.  Some companies will treat your ducts with an odor neutralizing spray after the process is finished.  The vents and registers are replaced and any residual dust is removed.



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