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Tips and Tricks for a Clean Carpet in Rochester, NY

It can be a challenge to keep your carpet clean, especially if you have pets and/or areas of high foot traffic. However, making the effort for carpet cleaning Rochester, NY can make it last longer and make your home a more sanitary and healthy place, particularly if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies. Carpet that is kept clean and maintained with regular deep cleanings can also increase the value of your home.

Here are some tips to help you keep your carpet looking its best:

  • One of the best ways to keep your carpets clean is to avoid tracking dirt inside. Place mats outside of all of your entrances to trap dirt, grit, oil, asphalt, or sand, and also to absorb moisture. You should clean the mats regularly to keep them functioning as they should.
  • Have everyone, including guests, take off their shoes when entering the house. This will go a long way toward keeping your carpets clean.
  • Vacuum at least once a week. You should vacuum high traffic areas more often. Vacuuming regularly will prolong the life of your carpet by not allowing gritty particles to build up and cut the fibers of your carpet. You should vacuum slowly to give the vacuum’s suction a chance to pull more dirt from the carpet and go over each section more than once. Sprinkling the carpet with baking soda before vacuuming or adding baking soda to the bag will help to combat odors in your carpet and keep it smelling fresh.
  • If you have pets, keeping them brushed will cut down on the pet hair and dander that ends up in your carpet. If you have a dog, regular bathing will prevent your carpet from smelling like your dog and wiping your dog’s paws when you let it in from outside will prevent it from tracking dirt inside onto your carpet.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. This will not only remove stains and dirt, but will protect your carpets and keep them looking new longer.
  • Clean any stains immediately. Because time is of the essence with carpet stains, it is a good idea to put together a stain removal kit so that you have it when you need it. Assemble some paper towels, nail polish remover, spot remover made to target tar, oil, or grease, and a chewing gum remover. You will also need three labeled spray bottles. Fill the first with water and add a few drops of any clear liquid dish detergent. The next bottle should be filled with equal parts white vinegar and water, and should be used on alkaline-based stains. The last bottle should contain a solution that combines one cup of water with one tablespoon of ammonia to create an alkaline cleaner for use on acidic spills. To avoid destroying the fibers, you should never use the alkaline solution on wool-blend or wool carpets.
Jet Dry Carpet Cleaning has helped countless home and business owners keep their carpets looking new with our top-notch professional cleaning service.  Our customers are so pleased with our work they use us over and over for all of their carpet cleaning needs in the Rochester, NY area.  Give Jet Dry Carpet Cleaning a call and you will see why.