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How Often Does My Rochester Home Need Air Duct Cleaning?

How Often Does My Rochester Home Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning the air ducts of your home is necessary for safety and for good health.  Your home’s air ducts circulate the air in the home and any dust, dirt, and other debris caught in the ducts will be found in the air that you breathe.  Clean air ducts are especially vital for those with asthma or allergies or any other breathing disorder, and for infants in the home.  While many get their air ducts cleaned every year, there is no one answer as to how often you should have this done in your own home.  Consider some factors that can help you to make this decision.


Pollution Plays a Part in Air Duct Cleaning

Surrounding Environment

One consideration when it comes to air duct cleaning is your surrounding environment.  If you live in an especially dusty environment, this will cause your air ducts to be especially dirty and they’ll need to be cleaned more often.  Do you live near a highway or other busy road, or near manufacturing environments?  These create more pollution than other areas.  There may also be construction nearby and this creates more dust and dirt in homes.

Consider how often you need to actually dust your home to keep it clean and remember that this is the amount of dust collecting in your air ducts.  If you notice dust on your furniture and entertainment center every week, you will need your air ducts cleaned more often than most.

Inside Environment

If there is a smoker in the house, your air ducts will need cleaning more often than in other homes.  This cigarette smoke gets collected near vents and can settle into the air ducts, and brings with it dust, dirt, and other pollution.  Pet dander can also cause the air ducts to get dirtier than most and if you have more than one pet, have pets with especially long hair and that are known for their dander, or have birds that molt, you will need your air ducts cleaned more often.

In many cases it can be good to have the air ducts cleaned every spring, but you can have it done again in the autumn if you want to ensure fresh air in the home.  Talk to your carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning contractor about how often this should be done and remember that the more often you clean the air ducts, the healthier the air quality of your home overall!


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